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Avoid the cheap website trick

Hummingbird - Google update should you be worried

Keywords not logged

Website hosting

cms website, northern link

By Default admin account on 12-Jun-13 16:19. Comments


Northern Link site 

We completely overhauled the old site which had a colour changing flash menu - which was ok a few years ago but no longer ideal in todays

google analytics

WordPress security

Facebook releases its own search engine

Will it make the boat go faster?

cookie wars- the real reason behind the new legislation

booking.com spam alert

Commission free hotel booking system - a plugin for your website

By Default admin account on 13-Jul-12 12:14. Comments


Ok www.easihotel.co.uk is now up and running.

Why easihotel is

online booking system for Hotels and B&Bs

why I wont use wordpress again

How to upset your visitors

Facebook will disappear

when is a cookie not a cookie

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