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FAQs -quick tips

Please check the quick tips below before contacting us if you have a problem with your easiweb website or emails as the answer may be very simple and listed below.


 NB only email us after going through the questions below if you are a client of Easiweb Design Foxcom or Fox Creative. We dont control  email accounts for anyone else.




Your query

If Yes

If No

1 Do you have a CMS or self editing website with us? Did the problem occur after an edit you recently made? - Please call us Go to Q2
2 Is your website down completely? Please call Go to Q3
3 Are your emails working?

Please shut down and restart all affected PCS, laptops and phones. Check your router is working and if necessary restart.

Also check that you have paid your broadband/ hosting bill.

If you have done all of the above and they are still not working please contact us.

Please check server status in case of maintenance work

Go to Q4
4 Are you able to receive but not send emails? Restart etc as above before calling Go to Q5
5 Do you need settings for emails, passwords etc Email  Go to Q6
6 How do I set up new email accounts

Email us (we will need the registered owner or director to contact us) and we will provide logins to the control panel.


If you have the cp login, please click here for instructions


If the issue is outside of office hours Monday - Friday, please email - if possible, or leave a message on our central number 01484 885606 stating your name, number, date & time of call and nature of enquiry.



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